Video Interviews

Nadwa's success in the world of song and television have caught the notice of international media outlets. She often appears in TV interviews to discuss her work

  • An amazing and insightful chat with Lebanese singer and actress Nadwa. Learn about her background and get some info about how the arts and being well rounded will benefit you professionally and personally.

  • Nadwa interviewed live on Dandana TV that broadcasts from the United States where she discuses her music, her present and upcoming TV shows and her work as an actress. Dr. Amr AlTahawi leads the interview with Dania Deiry and Joseph Najjar. This was a special holiday episode.

  • Nadwa interviewed live on Lebanon's national TV by Carlos Azar where she discusses her award winning song L'amour en Banlieue which she she co-wrote and sang with the French artist Jacques Pardo and won the Global Rhythm Magazine/ Sonic Bids award under the category of World Music.

  • Nadwa interviewed live on Orbit TV that broadcasts from Beirut, Lebanon internationally by the Lebanese hosts Ragheda Shalhoub and Grace Beaklini where she discusses her journey to the United States and her award winning song L'amour en Banlieue. Wissam Sabbagh is a co-guest.

Print and Web Coverage

Nadwa is also profiled by print media in the United States and her native Lebanon. Here is a selection from that coverage (in English and Arabic).

  • Interview with Voyage Dallas Magazine, based in Dallas, Texas, USA

  • Profile of Nadwa and Her Ensemble with the online magazine Fractyll, based in NYC

  • Biographical profile from the Winston Wise website, based in NYC

  • Nadwa has had media coverage in and outside the States. Above is an article covering her award and music career on Beirut Times, a newspaper based in CA/USA

  • Profile News, a newspaper based in Boston, USA covering Nadwa's performance at Miss Lebanon/USA.

  • Al Jaras Magazine, Beirut Lebanon

  • Al Hadeel Magazine, Beirut Lebanon

  • Al Jaras VIP, Beirut Lebanon

  • Al Jaras Magazine, Beirut Lebanon